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Water and Ice Rescue
(3 day / 24 hours)
This course is designed to thoroughly familiarize rescue personnel with the most modern and effective systems, equipment and rescue techniques in dealing with water type emergencies. The addition of ice to the water rescue scene brings advantages and disadvantages to the rescue used by emergency personnel. Students will learn how to deal with ice / water rescues using the most efficient and safest means, how to deal with the medical problems brought on by cold water and weather, both to the victim and rescuer. Starting with Shore Base, leading in to Go and Boat type rescues, students will learn the theory of water rescue and how to manage a water rescue scene.
Prerequisite: Swim test.

Next Course Date: Fall of  99

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Swiftwater Rescue
(3 day / 24 hours)
This course is designed to familiarize rescue personnel with the most difficult of water rescue - Swiftwater. Understanding swiftwater dynamics and hydraulics, the differences of a natural river and those of manmade water control systems, recognizing the hazards of each and how to perform safe and effective rescues. You will learn theory of water rescue, river reading, medical considerations, back boarding and cervical management of water rescue scene.
Prerequisite: Rope Rescue - Level I and Swim test.

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