Confined Space Rescue

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Confined Space Entry, Attendant and Rescue
(4 day / 32 hours)
This course is designed to provide the student with the necessary skills to utilize and operate within the entire OHSA REG. 213/91 and REG.692 "PERMIT REQUIRED CONFINED SPACE PROGRAM". The training will provide response teams with the information and skills needed to develop and implement safe and effective procedures to deal with unusual confined space entry situations as well as rescue operations.
Prerequisite: Training with SCBA, WHMIS or HAZMAT
and Rope Rescue - Level I

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Confined Space Rescue - Section "K"
(2 day / 16 hours)
This course is intended for Fire Department and Rescue personnel, and is designed to meet the rescue requirements of OSHA. Emphasis is placed primarily on the rescue and retrieval activity as it would pertain to an emergency situation.
Prerequisite: Confined Space Entry, Attendant and Rescue.

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