Hi-Angle Rope Rescue




Technical Rope Rescue - Level I
Introduction to Rope Rescue (3 day / 24 hours).
This hands-on course is designed to provide you with the skills and techniques needed by emergency personnel responding to rope type rescues, both hi-angle and rough terrain. Gain a knowledge of rescue techniques as well as confidence in working comfortably WITH and ON rope. Practical exercises and theory pays strict attention to NFPA Standards and is supported by experienced rescue personnel.
Class starts Friday evening, finishes Sunday.

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Technical Rope Rescue - Level II
Advanced Rope Rescue Techniques (3 day / 24 hours).
This course is designed for personnel who are familiar with basic Rope Rescue techniques. You will use previously learned techniques in a variety of rescue situations while learning new rigging and rescue skills. This course gives participants intensive, hands-on training in previously learned skills and new techniques for complex and multi-level rescues using advanced rescue techniques in both rough and urban terrain.
Prerequisite: Technical Rope Rescue - Level I

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Tactical Rappelling
Techniques for Law Enforcement (3 day / 24 hours)
This course is designed to teach the special considerations when rappel techniques are used in law enforcement tactical situations. The fundamental skills covered in Rappelling - Introduction should be mastered before using rappel techniques in a high risk situation. To successfully deploy a specialized team by the use of rappelling demands a high degree of preparation planning and training. Students will learn not only the techniques, but the special tactics for performing high-risk situations.

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