This page is a tribute to the professionalism of the Butler County Sheriff's Department water rescue team, the Environmental Services confined space rescue unit and the Hamilton and Fairfield firefighters who took part in the Hi-Angle Rescue training.

It is often all to easy to forget, that these men and women who place themselves in danger and risk there own lives, in sometimes desperate attempts to save the lives of strangers, have wives, husbands and children waiting at home for them too!

Thanks to their dedication, hard work, sense of duty and commitment to be the best in their field, the citizens of Butler County can get a better night's sleep.

Special thanks to Captain Grimes & Utah for inviting us to Ohio.

Hope to see you again next year






Capt Grimes


"Utah" Bailey






The training site.

Butler County water tower







Tactical Rappelling.

"Wargo" inverts at 120ft, under the watchful eye of "Canuk" instructor Dave 'Aussie' Dunt.





 Butler County Sheriff's Department Marine Rescue Unit






Environmental Services

Rescue Squad



North meets south.

Firefighters from across Canada and the U.S. do some training, led by Terry "Herschel" Harrison, Brampton Fire Dept.





Captain Grimes training with one of his Deputy's.

(if you look real close you can just about see the cigar)




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